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George, an extraordinarily intelligent gorilla who turns into a raging creature ▓of enormous size following a rogue experiment, in order to stop an

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invasion of monsters.S▓TX's comedy film "I Feel Pretty" opened in third place with an estimated 16.22 million doll▓ars. Written and directed by Abby K

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ohn and Marc Silverstein, in their directional debuts, the film follows an insecure woman who b▓elieves that she is the most beautiful and capable woma


n in the world after suffering a head injury from a fall.Another new comer, F▓ox Searchlight Pictures' comedy film "Su▓per Troopers 2" opened in fourth place with an es▓timated 14.7 million dollars. Universal and Blumhouse's

supernatural horror film "Truth or Dare" finished fifth wi▓th an estimated 7.91 million dollars in its second weeke▓nd.Please scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to follow us on WechatThe gold standard for the silver screensThe gold standard ▓for the silver screensThe gold standard for the ▓silver screens04-02-2018

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14:02 BJTExperts ▓from the Shanghai Vancouver Film School, the onl▓y institute in China where courses are of world-class standards, talk about the histor▓y and development of the domestic movie industryChina's impact in the global film industry h▓as never been more apparent.Eager to tap▓ into the growing consumption levels of the country'


s middle class, Hollywood productions have b▓een frequently introducing Chinese actors into their cast to draw viewers from China.In 201▓4, Fan Bingbing, one of China's most famous thespians, became the fir

st Asian character in the world of the X-Men when she starred in the film X-Men: Days of Future Past. Angela Y

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